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Police & Accident Reports

Police reports generally take five (5) working days before they are available to the public.  There is a charge for copies of reports so we recommend that you to have your insurance company request the report. Copies of police reports may be obtained from the Records Department. Normal hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Hours may vary depending on staff scheduling and holidays. The fee for police report copies are:

  • Police Report - To obtain a police report you must complete a Freedom Of Information Act request form at the Green Oak Twp hall during normal business hours. A processing fee will be assessed upon completion.

  • Accident Reports - Reports can be obtained at the Green Oak Twp Police department. The fee is $10 per report.

  • Clearance Letters - Clearance letters are ONLY provided to residents of Green Oak Twp and are free of charge.

If you need a copy of a report outside of regular business hours, arrangements may be made with Record Department during business hours and the copy will be left at the front desk for pickup.


The Green Oak Charter Township Police Department employs officers who have specialized training in crime and crash scene investigations, criminal interviews, identity fraud, firearms, community policing, and many others.

Patrol Services

Green Oak Township Police Officers are on duty 24 hours per day, seven days a week and stand ready to respond to your request for assistance at any time, day or night. In addition to traditional patrol vehicles The Green Oak Township Police Department has two Harley-Davidson police motorcycles to further assist the department in responding to your needs. The motorcycles are used extensively in community policing projects and for conducting patrols. They are a very visible addition to the patrol vehicle fleet.

Criminal Investigations

The Green Oak Charter Township Police Department currently has 3 certified Evidence Technicians trained in the collection, processing and preservation of evidence. Officers are trained to document and collect evidence from a variety of different crimes including destruction of property and motor vehicle thefts to violent crimes,including homicides. The department also employs officers specially trained in the investigation of child abuse/neglect and criminal sexual assault. Several officers have also been trained in the Forensic Interviewing technique used when dealing with small children during criminal investigations.

Accident Investigations

The Green Oak Charter Township Police Department has 2 officers trained in accident investigation. Officers are trained in a wide variety of skills including being able to complete a technical crash investigation and recognize, interpret, and prepare physical evidence for further use in the reconstruction of the crash. Several officers are also trained in perspective grid mapping for evidence collection at accident scenes, accident photography, tire dynamics and examination and vehicle lamp examination. The Green Oak Charter Township Police Department is able to police everything from a minor traffic crash to a fatal motor vehicle accident.

Specialized Services

The Green Oak Charter Township Police Department has officers trained in variety of specialized services. There are currently 4 officers assigned to the Livingston Regional SWAT Team. The Green Oak Township Police Department also has 3 officers trained as Unmanned Aircraft Systems Pilots used to operate Department owned drones in a variety of applications.

PBT Testing

The Green Oak Charter Township Police Department offers PBT testing at the following times:

  • Monday through Friday - 9am to 4pm
  • Saturday & Sunday - 7am, 3pm and 11pm (PBT testing is provided 7 days a week at 7am and 11pm)

The fee for PBT Testing is $5 and you must provide a copy of a court order and picture identification upon your initial visit.

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Important Telephone Numbers:

Police Dispatch

Emergency - 911

Non-Emergency - 517.546.9111

Green Oak Police Department


810.231.9627 (fax)

Green Oak Fire Department


810.231.4488 (fax)

Green Oak Township Offices



53rd District Court

Criminal - 517.548.1000 ext. 7642

Traffic - 517.548.1000 ext. 7646

44th Circuit Court


Livingston County Animal Control




Livingston County Road Comission


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